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>> julie: i'm julie banderas. >>. >> kelly: we have brand-new details on umar farouk abdulmutallab that tried to bring down a u.s. airliner on christmas day. british investigators are linking him to at least one other terrorist group out there. >> julie: after more than a month on the run, they have arrested paul merhige. he murdered four of his family members according to police. we'll have a live report on how cops tracked him down. >> kelly: both the american and british embassies in yemen closing their doors.
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an al-qaeda group based in the unstable nation. it's the same group linked to that failed bombing of a u.s. bound passenger jet. molly is live in washington. >> good afternoon. roadblocks are set up outside the embassy in yemen. they are closing their embassies because of security concerns. john brennan told fox there are indications that the u.s. embassy could be a target of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that is the yemen based group that the white house says trained umar farouk abdulmutallab, the man suspected of trying to blow up a plane with explosives carried in his underwear. >> this is something we're very concerned about. we're concerned they may be in fact trying to get other operatives to train inside of yemen to send to the west. that why we need to maintain this pressure inside yemen. >> since the christmas day
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attacks. the u.s. has tried to look at all available intelligence to make sure there is another umar farouk abdulmutallab waiting in the wings. lawmakers from both sides say it's important to keep supporting the yemeni government. >> in part because we have put so much pressure on al-qaeda in pakistani, they are moving to yemen. it's a big country, very sparsely populated, a government facing two different uprising in different parts of the country. >> reporter: today senator lieberman and several republican lawmakers criticized the white house of handling the case in criminal court instead of military commission. >> kelly: thanks for the update. >> julie: more on the decision to shut down the embassy in yemen. let's talk to bob newman. thank you very much much nor nor
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coming on. now that they have both closed their embassies due to security threats there and with this western hatred that has been happening with al-qaeda being linked to the christmas day attempted terror plot, that al-qaeda group based in yemen, how worried should we be about our nation's security here and anti-western sympathies in that nation of yemen? >> well, it's a dynamic situation on the ground in yemen insofar as as the al-qaeda in the saudi peninsula or the arabian peninsula goes, which is the al-qaeda franchise in that region. that is something our government is going to have to look at with regard to intelligence development. who just showed up to speak with president salei of yemen yesterday. david petraeus showed himself up and you bet he was carrying a
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that he better get his act together and obey u.s. and british commands. he did issue some commands from my sources who are always right, or else. now can al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula reach the united states? we know they can. this has been a situation that has been developing for some time. we are taking steps to deal with that. >> julie: the times of london is reacting to this. they are reporting something very disturbing. that the united states actually prevented authorities from installing fall body scanners before the suspected christmas day bomber passed through security at amsterdam. dutch government claimed they had been trying to install the machines in flights since 2008 but they have been blocked by u.s. officials. are you alarmed by that information? >> not so much alarmed or even
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surprised just annoyed and amazed this sort of thing still goes on. the deputy national security advisor to president obama, john brennan is the guy who has a remarkable amount of experience. he is trying to do his best job. you've got former retired james jones who is the national security advisor. you have two great guys who are very well qualified. then you have people like janet napolitano. it's this unbalanced here that is causing problems. we have got to come up with a government, especially a president who understands that we are, in fact, at war. these terrorists are exactly the word i just used, julie, they are not mere annoying criminals who interrupt the president's golf game or occasionally cause him to cancel his infamous white
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house blow out. >> julie: you just mentioned the john brennan today on fox news sunday, there was no intelligence that this guy was a terrorist. he is referring to umar farouk abdulmutallab that he is going on plane. there were no red flags. i want you to look into this interview. >> there was no smoking gun. there was no piece of intelligence that he was going to get on the plane. not whatsoever. it was the failure to integrate and piece together those pieces of information. >> julie: no smoking gun? how about when his father went to the u.s. embassy and warned them directly that his son was a threat. what color flag was that orange? >> the word he should have placed in there was no singles smoking evidence or smoking gun no single piece of evidence that would say okay this is absolutely bad news and he absolutely going to try this type of attack at this time. he is correct to defend him, she
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correct, yes, they missed a great deal of pieces. but we keep seeing that over and over, julie. it is frankly his job and it is general jones' job to make sure that people are held accountable who are not strictly in their command to tell the president, look, you have to make people immediately accountable. when you are not making janet napolitano accountable and you still don't have the right person in charge of the tsa, you are going to have problems like this over and over. >> julie: how much control can we have on standards in other makes's airports? >> we can have influence. just like al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula insofar as and president salei goes. we are offering a care on the stick, you might want to enjoy this because we will beat you brains out with this stick if you don't do what we say.
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do we speak that way to our friends in amsterdam, other airports, no, we can't, but we can still influence them to make them understand, look, you will be rewarded if you follow our strict rules and you will be, let's not punish, but things won't go your way when it comes to other things if you do not follow our rules. the president has got to make that understood. >> julie: in the meantime, before we get the body scanners in our airports, obviously we can dam other nations from other planes entering our country but how does this work? >> insofar as as banning them. >> julie: before the scanners are in place, something has to be done right now, same thing could be planned. what sort of terror preventative tasks are being done so we don't have to wait for congress to
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reconvene after the winter break in just about two weeks from now? >> one of the things we can do, when you have a meeting with somebody, you don't operate by e-mails and phone calls. you go down and sit down face to face with people. you make them understand whenever it happens to be, look this is all in our best interests. we want air travel to go smoothly for all of our citizens that are carrying the appropriate visas. there is also the dark side. this is sometimes it gets ugly, you say look, if you do not cooperate with us, you'll find that erred that was scheduled for your country coming from the taxpayers of the united states is going to be delayed or not going to show up at all. you will find trade problems. we'll get our congress one way or the on or about to start taking acts against you if you don't play the game like we say. then again, julie, you have to have a president believes that
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we are at war. he thinks we have a crime problem. >> julie: bob, we're going to have leave it there. we appreciate you coming on. if you missed chris wallace interview of with homeland security on counterterrorism, wap it in it's entirety, it will air 6:00 p.m. right after our show right here on the fox news show. >> kelly: what do we know about yemen? the country was founded in 1990 and chief source of income is oil revenue. average yemeni is about 17 years old and out of a population of nearly 24 million people. only about 6.35 million work. it's considered one of poorest countries in the arab world. 12 million people live below the poverty line there. >> julie: learning new information about umar farouk abdulmutallab the nigerian man suspected of trying to bomb flight 253. a british intelligence knew for
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years he had ties to united kingdom extremists. while he was studying he was in contact with islamic extremists and communications were being monitored. they say, i'm quoting, there was nothing to indicate he was violent or he was a high enough risk to alert the united states. >> kelly: now we turn to iraq where there is more bloodshed today as gunmen opened fire on guards killing three. that has american military officials quite concerned. their combat operations are due to end next august, but there seems to be no end to the violence leading many to wonder about the future stability of that country. dominic has more in baghdad right now. >> this is perhaps the most again shl year for iraq since america invaded the country. there is pivotal elections were set to start them on a new
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course. some 65,000 soldiers are planning to withdraw. that is more than half the number of the boots on the ground right now. and move on to other america's controversial affair, that in afghanistan. it would be 60 days after elections are held that the first troops would exit the country. but now the plan seems to be looser. it depends on what happens inside this chamber. parliament will be expanded in the elections. there are those that don't like they will retaliate with all too familiar reaction. violence left thousands of citizens dead in 2009. u.s. forces are prepared for more post election but the question remains whether the iraqis trained are ready to do the job on their own, especially when america is so set to o taking troops out next year. president obama is determined to
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2000 but equally rest luit, progress is a sign of democracy. 2010 will very much a year of wait and see. >> kelly: thanks for that report. next hour we will focus on the future stability of another global hot spot, afghanistan. will an increase of u.s. troops improve the situation there or could it trigger more violence against the afghan people. >> julie: this is a fox news alert. just a couple days after president obama had said that al-qaeda was linked to the christmas day terror plot on board northwest flight 253 we've gotten a statement from the tsa. new airline security steps. i'm going to read. today the transportation security administration issued new directives to all united states and international air carriers with inbound flights to the u.s. effective january 4th,
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2010. new directive includes long term sustainable security measures developed in consultation with law enforcement officials and domestic and international partners. you wonder why what did i say? they are mandating that every individual flying in the u.s. from anywhere in the world, traveling from or through nations that are state sponsors of terrorism, such as yemen, or other countries of interest will be required to go through enhanced screening such as nigeria the same steps the same man umar farouk abdulmutallab had screening for those planes traveling to those nations. the man accused of gunning down four members of his own family thanksgiving in jupiter, florida is now behind bars. he was on the run for quite some time. u.s. marshals arrested paul merhige in the florida keys.
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cops gave the credit to a tip. at this point was called in to the fox network tv show america's most wanted. merhige was the target of a manhunt for a month. he shot and killed his twin sisters, one of them was pregnant as well as his 76-year-old aunt and six-year-old cousin. cops tell us the shooting was carefully planned out. phil will have much more from florida a little later in the hour. >> kelly: the suspected fort hood guns, the attorney is reporting that he is out of the hospital. he will likely remain at brook army medical center for the next several months. he swuvd several gunshot wounds during the attack. he is reportedly paralyzed from the chest down. his attorney says the army is working to assemble a board to determine his mental stability.
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>> and with the storm blasting northern new england this weekend, parts of the region could get up to a foot of snow or more. folks along the massachusetts coast are dealing with powerful winds and possible flooding, most of the northeast and great lakes are in a deep freeze. domenica davis is live at fox weather center with more details. it doesn't look too good up there? >> and possible flooding because they are dealing with winds, coupled with the high tide could make significant problems. we have significant wind chills and a lot of cold. take a look at the current temperatures. some of the coldest air have been up in the northern plains. 7 degrees in minneapolis. look at memphis, coming in at 33. it's cold there. it goes down to the south and take a look at some of the below average cold we are facing. this is 20 degrees below average in the plains. 20 degrees below average down to the south. we can expect it to stick around for at least the next couple of
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days, especially with the winds that will continue to gust from the mid-atlantic down to the south, about 20-25 miles per hour from monday flew tuesday. it will make the feel like temperature drop around 10 degrees. when you factor the wind chill, it's nasty out there. that is what we're dealing with as far as the cold goes. the snowstorm has dumped one to two feet, but it's winding down and the winds have been significant with this system. we did see winds up to 40 miles per hour. that is beginning to die down, too. over the course of the evening as the low pressure system pushes further to the north, the winds will come from the north and south. that will help you out because a lot of folks are dealing with some blowing snow that is really making it a tough go on the roads. the snow winds down and the winds wind down. it's through the mid-atlantic, basically from new york all the way down to the carolinas where
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you'll still see the wind throughout much of the evening. here is a look at some of the winds we are facing right now. anywhere in 15-30 miles per hour. so look for that to ease up just a bit. that is latest. we'll show you record lows because we have chilly temperatures. >> kelly: put another log in the fireplace. >> julie: a man stumbles into a store in texas and you will not believe how he got that way or what police found after he told his story. stay tuned. want to know how fast it took my stiff joints to feel better?
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let's take a look at top headlines, both the u.s. and british embassies are closing their doors in yemen over threats by al-qaeda. it comes after both countries announced an increase of aid to yemen to help fight al-qaeda linked to the failed attempts to
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bomb an airliner. >> rising floodwaters are forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes in australia. it's cresting 18 feet above flood stage. farmers in the are having to move their cattle by boat. some say it's the worst flooding they've seen in decades. they recently got hit with a week of rain. >> british hostage peter moore says she delighted to be back with his family. he was working in baghdad when he was kidnapped. his captors released him on wednesday. >> julie: they busted a human trafficking ring after one breaks free. from our austin affiliate has the story. >> a piece of wood covers the window that austin police say a man broke while escaping from his captur. he was able to get help at this
4:23 pm
food mart down the road. >> he says he heard the man's hands were injured during the broken glass. >> he and group of others were being held against their will. it's what led investigators back to the apartment complex. a neighbor recalls what happened next. >> i saw cars in front of the apartment and people coming in and out. >> inside the first unit they found several people who they think were smuggled in the u.s. and then held for ransom. >> they were held here in apartment 126 without any food or water until family members paid a fee of about $2,000. >> two of their capturs were arrested. records show that one pretended to also be a victim.
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authorities say the victims were threatened with violence and some were beaten. smugglers kept them partially undressed and barefoot. they say they were so surprised it happened so close to her home. >> we've never seen nothing like that. a massive explosion causing a collapse of people inside. a chaotic scene in britain. injuring eleven people, blowing one woman from the first floor of the building and trapping one man under a pile of rubble. cops believe a gas leak may have caused the explosion. one firefighter saying it could have been much worse if more people had been on the streets. >> that video is incredible. anyway, there is new information about the man accused of attacking a danish artist for
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his controversial cartoon of the prophet muhammad. they reveal the suspect had been arrested last september in kenya for allegedly plotting another attack. that one was against secretary of state hillary clinton. the paper reports the 28-year-old somali man was released due to a lack of evidence but the ambassador of kenya says the man was arrested for not having proper travel documents. suspect is now charged with attempted murder after breaking into kurt westergaard's home. you are looking at him right there. he broke into his home with an ax and knife. he escaped injury by hiding in a room. the suspect was shot by police. a danish magazine printed kurt westergaard's of the prophet of mohammad. >> julie: the murder of four relatives on thanksgiving day is
4:26 pm
finally behind bars. how police finally captured the suspect, next.
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>> julie: time for the top of news, tsa issuing security standards for inbound flights to the u.s. in the wake of the botched terror plot. mandating every person flying national u.s. from any nation in the world that a state sponsor of terrorism or from any other country of interest will be required to go through exam screening. the rules go into effect tomorrow. >> kelly: with storms in many parts of the nation, icy places and great lakes region is getting the worst of it. parts of new england could get
4:29 pm
up to a foot of snow or more. even florida can't escape the wrath of winter. temperatures down there, plunging overnight to the 20s. >> julie: new information about the man accused of trying to bomb a detroit bound plane on christmas day. a senior british official revealing intelligence officers in the country knew umar farouk abdulmutallab had ties to u.k. extremists, but those officials did not consider him enough of a risk to alert american counterparts. >> kelly: hunt is finally over for a fugitive accused of murdering four family members on thanksgiving day. 35-year-old paul merhige was captured in the florida keys thanks to america's most wanted. he is being held without bond. they say he shot to death 76-year-old aunt, a six-year-old cousin and twin sisters, one of whom was expecting a baby. another relative was also shot but he survived the vicious attack. it all happened during one of
4:30 pm
most celebrated days of the year. phil keating joins us live from miami. one question so far is, how was merhige, he was in south florida alone we understand now? >> keep in mind the u.s. marshals have been on this case since thanksgiving evening when all these people unfortunately died in the house. there was a nationwide lookout for paul merhige. it turns out he was in south florida the entire time. they had predicted that when they issued their profile of what they would have expected, even though he had taken his passport from parents' house and allegedly $12,000 out of the bank. he did not go too few. he went to long key, halfway between key largo and key west. he was staying at the edge water lodge motel. that is motel down there right off of u.s. 1.
4:31 pm
he checked in, according to the hotel's owner under a fake name of john baca. he paid first two weeks in cash. he has hunchered down there. they were watching the show america's most wanted. they looked at each other, isn't that the guy that is room 14. they were confident and called the tip line and got the u.s. marshals down there. it was pretty intense. 30 heavily armed marshals and deputies assisting all surrounding that motel. when they finally stormed in there and threw a flash bomb and ended up tasering him as he ran into the bathroom. >> he has been gone for 38 days before the apprehension. how did this fugitive avoid being seen sooner? >> he simply did not leave his motel room. the owners of the hotel saw him check in and that was it.
4:32 pm
he was locked in there. all he wanted was internet access. he also told the motel, don't worry about changing my sheets or cleaning up the room. outside was his car which was heavily broadcast as a key identifyer to try to track him down. he concealed it with a big tarp. he had been there since december 2nd, basically not leaving his room but certainly watching america's most wanted as well as monitoring the activity regarding him on the internet. >> kelly: what do investigators believe is the motive for the killing? >> investigators are still not hundred percent certain, but they do say he had some mental instability. he was on some psychiatric type drugs. he also apparently had a major falling out with at least one of his sisters, carla merhige. he had alleged domestic violence
4:33 pm
charges. according to the father of the youngest victim had he this h not seen him for ten or 13 years. it was a big family gathering, about 16 people were there at the house. was right around the 10:00 hour, everyone saying goodbyes. according to people inside the house who survived the quadruple murders, he went out to the car, grabbed guns and then opened fire. >> kelly: phil keating, he is now under police apprehension, we thank you for that report. they are crediting the fox tv show america's most wanted as being instrumental to arresting him. we will talk to a producer in our next hour of america's news headquarters. >> as the nation's airports rev up security following a bombing
4:34 pm
attempt, new full body scanners are headed to a major new york city airport. it will be among the very first to receive the new technology designed specifically for the transportation security administration. the machine costs about $170,000 apiece. actually that is about the cost of one of those high-tech sonograms they use on pregnant women. another 150 scanners will be headed for other airports around the country. group says that it violates a person's privacy because it leaves little to the imagination >> kelly: this year financial institutions has to raise fees and scale back services. metropolitan transit authorities are looking ways to close a $383 million budget gap. chicago isn't much better off.
4:35 pm
so far the windy city has been able to avoid fare increases but it is laying off workers and reducing the frequency of some buses and trains to ease the budget crunch. >> julie: they are declaring war on students run bake sales. it has banned the events due to security and concerns about childhood obesity. students that depend on bake sales are. it's been one of fastest ways to make extra money for extracurricular skuil activities. so when the restrictions went into effect, it took a huge chunk out of their budgets. the number of overweight kids helped form a new wellness policy put in place by the department of education and department of health in new york. these new policies, strict
4:36 pm
nutritional standards for foods sold at schools. so no students and only once a month after the last school lunch period, both parents and students continue to fight this policy. >> this is a very easy way to raise money because a lot of the families, they don't have a lot of money. but they can send their children with a dollar, when you have schools that have 1100 students or 1500 students, it adds up but it doesn't come out of the parents' pockets as much. >> reporter: students have been rallying and have petitions to get the word out to help sway school officials to tweak the policy. those with the department of education, this isn't about trying to reduce the amount of money that can be made. >> the only things we're going to look at is bake sales and cupcakes and we are part of the problem. you have to understand the context we live in.
4:37 pm
yes, we have an economic tough time right now. we do, but we are also in the midst of this obesity crisis. >> education officials say there are other ways to raise money like selling t-shirts and holding carwashes. they are open to possibly changing the bake sale restrictions if there is a way to keep the color count down. -- the color count down. >> with the new year upon us, there may be trouble for the real estate market. analysts say there are reasons to optimistic in 2010. national association of realtors expect a 11% hike in existing home sales. due in part of the 30-year fixed mortgage rate which by the end of the year rose to 5.05. the question now is how soon or how late will the housing market recovery take place.
4:38 pm
joining now with his own economic predictions is jordan goodman. she author of mastering your debt. jordan, thanks for joining us. tell me about this rise or boom in the economic market as it pertains to real estate they are predicting for 2010. do you agree? >> partly. there are real positives. first thing, you definitely have an improving economy and more consumer confidence and that is going to help housing prices. you've also got really pretty good interest rates. mortgage rates have gone up in the last two weeks, it's still historically low levels. >> gregg:. . >> kelly: i think a lot of people agree because they say why quibble with 5% because it's extremely low. what about those that want to refinance but they are finding
4:39 pm
themselves in market where the homes have not retained the value. what do you say to those people? >> it's hard to refinance and not going to be able to do it. roughly 23% are underwater, worth less than what is owed on them. people are not going to be refinance. there are some places you can do that. there is a program called the home affordable program. there is a website you can where in certain cases you can refinance and get lower rates. >> i think a lot of people are going to be listening to you. let me ask you another question, the fact all this boom is forecast for the coming year, what do you personally see happening? >> i think the first half of the year is going to be better than the second half. tax credits, if you are a new home buyer, i can get up to $8,000 tax credit which is really going to help a lot of people.
4:40 pm
and if you owned a home for the last five years you can get a tax credit of up to $6500. so that may help really a lot. that combined with low mortgage rates is why real estate may do a lot better. >> kelly: i think a lot of people will be taking stock of what you are saying. those kinds of improvements going on. has the obama administration's plan to help homeowners helped in any way? >> yes, it has. we had a real rebound in the housing market in the second half of the year. tax credits made a huge difference. negatives, there is a huge supply of homes still on the market. a lot of foreclosures are out there, something like three million foreclosures. there is more to come. and tighter credit criteria by banks. banks have been tight and concerned about losing money on all these foreclosures. so you need a bigger down payment and higher credit score.
4:41 pm
but if you got say 20% down payment and a credit score of 680 or higher, there are a lot of great homes to take a look at. >> kelly: there are. what about new home sales? >> new home sales have come up, the builders pulled back very sharply when home sales went down. they are not building as much as before. we nor not building enough homes to replace the homes that are being foreclosed on. >> kelly: real quickly, is your opinion the american dream of home ownership dead? >> i don't think so at all. one thing i wanted to mention you can pay your mortgage off in typically five to seven years instead of 30 years with what is called mortgage equity acceleration. truth and it can help a lot of people. it's a good thing for people, you want to pay it off much
4:42 pm
faster. >> kelly: jordan, thanks for the good news for 2010. >> julie: think about how much caffeine you consume each day. nearly half of americans drink at least one cup of coffee. it's still a drug, so should labels let us know how much caffeine you are putting in our system? we'll ask our medical "a" team coming up next. p
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>> julie: in western germany, an incident happened after a pilot braked to abort talkoff. he had trouble with the appellant's instruments. the plane came to a stop with the nose pointing down.
4:45 pm
a snow covered slope, fortunately no one on board was hurt and the plane was undamaged. passengers were unloaded and then brought to a nearby airport where they continued on to their destination. >> kelly: you know who you are, so many lean on caffeine to get through your day. >> julie: i had decaf this morning. >> kelly: caffeine is so many beverages and food it's easy to not think of it as a drug. >> julie: so given the potential effects on the body and abundance of products on the market, is it time for labels to include caffeine content? let's ask mark siegle. first of all, explain to our viewers the harmful effects on the body?
4:46 pm
>> beyond 200 to 300 milligrams. it can cause insomnia, anxious, increase your blood pressure, heart rate, provoke a heart attack. have i said enough? it acts like any other stimulant. and it can provoke attention deficit disorder and appetite suppress and the. if you take too much caffeine. >> kelly: some people might like it as appetite suppress and the but how much caffeine is okay? >> i tell you what the problem is. they studied it carefully over the past few years and decided a few cups is okay. here is the problem. first of all, coffee itself has a variable yanl amount of caffeine. same thing with cola, it can vary. a glass of cola can vary from five millie grams to up to 80.
4:47 pm
same thing with a chocolate bar. a lot of products add caffeine to them, jelly beans, yogurt, ice cream, cold remedies. >> kelly: even chewing gum? >> even chewing gum. fda says if you add caffeine to a product you have to list it but you don't have to list the amount. my opinion is you have to list the amount. if you are a young child and here one glass of soda but you are also have chewing gums and the mom says why is my kid hyper. >> julie: there is dangerous side effects if you are used to having five cups of coffee out there a day. i like to eat chocolate. i'm trying to stay away from the decaf coffee but the danger of withdrawal symptoms? >> it's a real problem. your heart rate goes up, blood
4:48 pm
pressure goes up. it's not good to the heart. if you have an underlying heart condition and some people ever it and don't know it, the last thing you need to do is provoke with it with caffeine. >> kelly: i'm getting the impression to leave it alone? >> i'm okay with a cup of coffee. but we're providing a public service it's everywhere. i had two cups of coffee, i'm going to have a third or fourth but you are getting it elsewhere. do people know that yogurt is caffeine, no, we don't. >> julie: but it also fights some kind of diseases? >> i'm not against coffee. as kelly says it's appetite suppress and the but you can't go beyond the 300 milligrams. >> julie: let's talk about pregnant women, no caffeine, my doctor says, one cup of coffee is okay, but i figure since i like the sugar so much, i'll
4:49 pm
take the decaf and then have chocolate? >> the problem is, the fact is everybody thought coffee was no good when you are pregnant but they found two cups a day is fine. the problem is, beyond that, if you are getting it from your chocolate or ice cream, when you get to four or five cups, you get low birth rate infants and increased risk of miscarriage. it's not good for the fetus. >> julie: a lot of pregnant women may be getting more than they realize. hence the labeling so we know what we we're taking in. >> i feel very strongly along that. nutrition advocates are saying this. get the amount of caffeine on the label. let pregnant women do their math let children and parents do the math. >> kelly: you are drinking water from now on.
4:50 pm
>> julie: doctor, thank you. >> kelly: american people have spoken and we have surprising new figures among other things how folks feel about water boarding, terror suspects, scott rasmussen crunches the numbers, next. eeeeeeeeeeeeee
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>> julie: an elephant goes on
4:53 pm
rampage in india. six-year-old elephant created a panic just before religious procession running through the crowds there. wow, take a look at that. it was thing on of a gate but luckily his handlers were able to get him under control, two people suffered minor injuries. after a year dominated by the economy. christmas day plane scare many americans are concerned. >> kelly: and the latest rasmussen report, 39% of voters say terrorists will likely strike the u.s. in 2010 compared to 20% who feel an attack is unlikely. scott rasmussen joins us now with more details. scott, let's talk about this poll and what it talks about in
4:54 pm
terms of water boarding, christmas day terror suspect? >> what we see overall, people are more concerned about the possibility of terrorism. 79% is up 30% from the summer. it's because of the christmas day bombing and the fort hood. 58% of he should be waterboarded 38% disagree. you can read too much into the specifics. people want aggressive action taken. we've been polling for years and tension between national security and individual rights. it used to be people thought it was in balance, equal numbers, but today 43% say there is too many concerns about individual rights. only 13% say there is too much concern about national security. >> julie: we got a statement today released from the fsa. i don't know if you heard about it. tsa is implementing strict new
4:55 pm
guidelines for all planes entering or exiting those nations with anti-western sentiment. that additional screening will go into effect. this is effective tomorrow. president obama plans on meeting with the security team on tuesday. among those in that meeting will be obviously members of the tsa to talk about what needs to be done in this day forward to prevent another christmas day terror plot every gun. what as of now did you find how people feel how president obama is doing when it comes to national security? >> on national security issue, his numbers have been slumping a little bit. they have been slumping, 38% say he is doing a good job, 39% say he is doing a poor job but that is a partisan response. a majority of republicans and other voters say he is doing a poor job. 70% of democrats say he is doing good or excellent job.
4:56 pm
>> julie: that is like 1980, what kind of phone do you have here? >> i have blackberry storm, it has a great ring to them. >> julie: that is a good sound. we were in the middle. moving on. >> kelly: let's talk about the optimism, going into 2010, do many people according to your poll view 2010 as a good year or bad year because it's different than 2009? >> expectations for 2010 it's going to be better than 2009. 38% to expect to have an excellent year, 22% said 2009 was that good. if you go back a year, but b the same number expected 2009 to be good. we asked how it's going to be and it covers a wide variety. 28% say their health will be better and 29 say worse.
4:57 pm
people are concerned about jobs, 50% believe the country will be in a recession, but overall people are a little more optimistic about the coming year. we hope they are right. >> julie: we hope they are. i like optimism. keep it coming in 2010. scott, we'll see you later this year. >> kelly: answer the phone. have a great day. general david petraeus making a surprise visit to the yemen. we'll talk about plans for a new counterterrorism police force funded by the u.s. and britain.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> kelly: welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> julie: topping the news this hour, the u.s. and british embassies in yemen are officially closed. and the white house saying it will, quote, not take any
5:00 pm
chances and -- that's staff could be targeted by al qaeda. >> kelly: and as in a creasing terrorist haven there are calls to stop sending guantanamo bay prisoners back to the country even from lawmakers who support closing gitmo. >> julie: and the footage tiff, responsible for the thanksgiving day massacre is caught, a live report and we'll talk with a producer from "america's most wanted," a tipster to the tv show, actually led to the suspected killer's capture. first, a "fox news alert," the obama administration now requiring tighter airline screening for certain u.s. bound passengers. a new directive from the transportation security administration reading in part, tsa is mandating every individual flying into the u.s. from anywhere in the world, traveling from or through nations, state sponsors of
5:01 pm
terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go to enhanced screenings and the countries on the stit department's list of -- state department's list are cuba, iran, sudan, and syria, but, an administration official says the travellers coming from out through nigeria, pakistan and yemen will also be affected, and the new guidelines go into effect, starting tomorrow. >> kelly: julie, both the u.s. and britain shutting down their embassies in yemen today, and the u.s. citing threats by an al-qaeda group based in the arabian peninsula and the same group claiming to be behind the passenger debt attempted bombing on christmas, which comes a day after david petraeus made a surprise visit to yemen to discuss plans for additional aid from the u.s., and britain, for counterterrorism efforts and ma
5:02 pm
melana wilkes, joins us and what are officials saying about closing the embassies in yemen. >> reporter: they are shut down because of al qaeda threats and john brennan told fox he will not take chances with diplomats live and will not elaborate on security threats but the u.s. looked at the intelligence and decided it would be prudent to shut the embassy and told fox the yemen-based al qaeda group trained and directed the suspect in the attack on the detroit bound airline on christmas day and he says the u.s. is deeply concerned that the group is trying recruit other operatives to send to the west. kelly. >> kelly: deeply concerned indeed and what is the white house saying about the review, of the christmas day attack. >> reporter: well, he is leading the white house review of the attack and says it was a failure to connect the dots and no single definitive piece of information was missed by intelligence agencies. >> there wasn't a smoking gun or
5:03 pm
piece of intelligence that said the guy is a terrorist, no, not whatsoever and it was the failure to integrate and piece together the bits and pieces of information. >> reporter: and, brennan said that there is no sign agencies refused to cooperate, with each other in the case. kelly. >> kelly: molly, as you know, like other things, in washington, politics enters in and what concerns do republicans have and what are they raising about it? >> reporter: well, on the sunday programs, this morning, one main point of disagreement, that republicans have with the obama administration this is decision to try the suspect in criminal court and many republicans prefer a military commission. and, here's republican senator kit bond. >> this is not a case where a sear -- for a series of criminal trials and we tried it in 24re924rethe '90s, after the world trade center bombing and the cole attack and this is war and it is time we reacted to the war attacks coming at us.
5:04 pm
>> reporter: and some republicans criticized homeland security secretary janet napolitano for saying the system worked after the christmas day attack and the senator said it raised eyebrows but it's not grounds to remove her. >> kelly: malani wilkes, live in washington, thank you. >> julie: counterterrorism chief brennan spoke out about the white house's plans for guantanamo bay insisting the facility needs to be shut down. but the failed terror attack on christmas day also raised new concerns about releasing detainees, especially after reports that some have not only rejoined al qaeda, but, have actually become leaders in the branch of al qaeda in yemen and now linked to the recent terror attacks, caroline shivley reports. >> reporter: the counterterrorism chief says the administration will absolutely consider sending yemeni detainees from guantanamo bay back to yemen, and despite lawmakers' calls for them to stop immediately. in fact the obama administration released six more yemen is from
5:05 pm
gitmo last week and the releases actually started under this bush administration and two gitmo detainees led out in -- let out in '06 and '07 said their al qaeda branch is behind the christmas day bombing attempts. >> everybody ought to admit the bush administration made a big mistake in transferring the detainees, terrorists, back to other countries. guantanamo bay facility must be closed, it served as a propaganda tool for al qaeda and we're determined to close it and will not, though, do anything that is going to put american security at risk. >> reporter: the white house is set on the point, gitmo should close and prisoners should be sent home and the top administration plan has remaining prisoners going to a facility in illinois and as you see, in "this week" congress is split on the issue. >> you couldn't find a better, more humane facility when it
5:06 pm
comes to a deentention center. >> i support the administration's actions to open a new prison in illinois and i hope it happens and congress will fund it. >> reporter: there are 90 yemen is still held in guantanamo bay. >> julie: caroline, thank you and you can watch the full interview with john brennan and white house chief advisor on counterterrorism on fox news sunday with chris wallace coming up right after us, 6:00 p.m. eastern and 3:00 p.m. pacific, less than one hour from now only here on the fox news channel. >> kelly: there is a new report out today the somali man arrested for trying to kill a danish cartoonist was a suspect in an alleged plot to harm secretary of state hillary clinton, danish police shot the somali man over the weekend. outside of the home of kurt westergaard, a target of extremists for drawing a cartoon of the prophet mohammed and he is the one on the stretcher and police are not identifying him at this point. but, a danish newspaper now says the same suspect was arrested in
5:07 pm
kenya last year, on suspicion of helping to plot an attack against secretary clinton. but he was released due to a lack of evidence. and clinton was in kenya in august, last year and the report says the suspect was close -- has close ties to al qaeda leaders, in east africa. >> julie: a man accused of gunning down four family members is in jail, currently held without bond. he's been on the run for about a month and investigators say paul mehridge killed his twin sisters, aunt and cousin at a thanksgiving dinner and police have been searching for him since and caught him last night at a motel in the florida keys, and apparently mehridge was living there a month after checking in under a fake name. but his cover was blown when the motel's owner recognized him in a preview for "america's most wanted" and we'll have a live brief with amw in a moment and first, phil, didn't the take the
5:08 pm
passport and $12,000 with him before the tragic thanksgiving dinner. >> reporter: yes, and he also purchased four guns the week before the thanksgiving day quadruple murder, but, despite the fact that he certainly was prepared to travel abroad, u.s. marshals believe he didn't go very far at all. and stayed en south florida, about 65 miles southwest of miami. an island known as long key. and that is about halfway between key largo and key west and it was in the edgewater lodge motel on december 2nd, the owners of the motel said a guy calling himself john bacca checked in, and paid cash for two weeks, and requested nobody come clean his room, he'll take care of that himself and according to the motel owners, he basically barricaded himself inside the motel room, never being seen again, until of course the big team of u.s.
5:09 pm
marshals and sheriffs deputies assisting last night bashed into the window of the motel room after making sure nobody was nearby, because, he was certainly believed to be armed and dangerous. and, flu a flash grenade in there and that is when mehridge started running to the bathroom and made a suspicious move and that is when he was tased and as they walked him to the car to transport in handcuffs up to palm beach county they said he was crying. >> julie: and did they say he acted suspiciously at all. >> reporter: no, they said he was pretty quiet and he was polite and came in and checked in and concealed his vehicle, which of course was widely distributed, the information about what kind of vehicle it was, all around the nation, covered it with a tarp and is only there in the motel room and he has several cans of beans, and fig newt tons and peanut but your and internet access and that is how he was surviving and
5:10 pm
he completely shaved his head and grew a beard and obviously, in an attempt to conceal his identity. >> julie: is he talking by any chance, do we know? >> reporter: we don't know. don't know that at all, they are keeping mum. >> julie: but he's being transported back north to palm beach county, right. >> reporter: yeah, he was transported out there this morning and is held without bond, his arraignment hearing is scheduled for a few weeks from today, but, there are $100,000 reward looks to be going to belinda path and her husband, and they were watching the tease for "america's most wanted" and saw the guy's photo and said isn't that the guy in room 14 and that is when they called the tip line and said they were concern it was him and when u.s. marshals excitedly mobilized, set up surveillance to make sure he didn't sneak out and stormed the room and made the big
5:11 pm
apprehension and was one of the top 15 most wanted fugitives for the fbi priornight. >> julie: incredible that, show. >> kelly: and "america's most wanted" played a huge role in the capture of paul mehridge and here to tell us about it is steve katz, the co-executive producer of "america's most wanted." steve, good to see you, you are there and your staff there is and you get this call. tell me about it. >> you heard the basics of it a moment ago. but, it really, when "america's most wanted" works the way it is supposed to, it happens like it did last night. and actually we were at dinner before the broadcast when the deputy u.s. marshal, who was heading up the manhunt and eric frank, the detective from jupiter came up to washington, ready to sit in our hotline and watch the broadcast and wait for the tips to come in and main said there was nothing new on the case and they were desperate for tips when the phone rang, our hotline to relay a tip we
5:12 pm
got from the folks in long key at the noel and i watched the color drain from his face as they described the tip to him in detail and the woman seg she looked at the car and it was the same car we had been talking about and the license plate, and, she read the license plate and it was the wrong license plate. and he did a trace on the license plate, and quickly giet call back from his folks and they said the license plate came back to an old car that used to be registered to mehridge's dad and he said, this is the guy, no question, this is the guy and began mobilize the forcing and they rushed down from miami and key west and everything was in place, so quickly, and he never saw it coming, when they moved into the room and he tried to barricade it a little bit with the mattress, and, as you heard, he was tased as he made a move for the bathroom, never saw it coming and i can tell you the atmosphere in our hotline, waiting to make sure all the marshals were okay. that day, we knew he was armed and didn't know what he'd do and
5:13 pm
got the call saying he's in custody, nobody was hurt, it was a -- a cheer went up because that is why we do this. the reason "america's most wanted" puts these cases out there, so people who don't normally watch the news, and watch, you know, are aware of these cases, could see these fugitives and recognize their faces exactly what happened. last night. >> kelly: kudos to you and the staff of "america's most wanted" because of what you do. you let so -- led so many police officers to the arrest of people out there, that otherwise wouldn't have been apprehended had people not been sitting down in their homes, watching you and saying, hey, didn't i see that guy, and that is exactly what happened and he's accused of shooting his own family, doing heinous things, on thanksgiving day when everyone was crowded around, actually celebrating northeast of thanksgiving, and singing praises, as i understand it. >> reporter: it's an awful
5:14 pm
crime. >> and a few weeks back, john walsh sat down with the family to talk about their beautiful daughter, makala and to see their dignity, how they carried themselves through the awful, awful, terrible time and their determination to get juchs and john walsh joint out his own son, adam was the same age as makala when he was murdered and it hit close to home for them and he promised he'd do something about this and we did what we could was to get the guy's face out there in hopes of somebody would see it. >> kelly: and we were showing pictures of her, 6 years old and it's my understanding, steve, at the time of that thanksgiving day, she had, quoted psalm 100 for the family and the family singing to celebrate their belief in their faith an thanksgiving and to see this kind of apprehension, must bring a relief to the family as well as to your staff. >> it is and they are. they have deep faith in that
5:15 pm
family, it was very very, clear when we met with them and i know that that has been helping them get through this. what has not been widely reported is they were deeply afraid that this guy, paul mehridge, accused of the murders was going to come back and finish the job because he had a weird beef against his family, going on for a while and as you may not know, he wasn't invited to the thanksgiving dinner and showed up, and jim and muriel said, you know what? all the family is here, you are part of the family, come on in and he sat through the dinner with them and, muriel described for us looking at him while makala was singing the beautiful songs and wondering if it was registering and he had never met her before that night, he was that distant from the family and to leave the house and come back and do what he did is incomprehensible to us. >> kelly: it is to many and thank you and everyone here at fox news wants to thank you for what you do at "america's most wanted." continue on, kudos to you and
5:16 pm
the staff again. >> a big partnership, and also law enforcement and the viewers. we don't do it alone. >> kelly: all right, steve katz, thank you, sir. and remember you can watch the show on saturday nights, 9:00 p.m. eastern after "cops" on the fox television network. >> julie: president obama and his family are beating the cold and enjoying the last couple days of a vacation in hawaii and the first family heads back to washington tomorrow. and, the president will have to jump right back into the wave of issues waiting for him that he has not been able to escape while vacationing in honolulu. steve centanni joins us live as well. hi there, steve. >> reporter: julie, for most people you see here on the beach at waikiki coming to hawaii on vacation is a welcome relief from a chilly mainland u.s. but for the president it is more than just a vacation. it is also a homecoming. while much of the country face freezing temperatures, the president and his family enjoy
5:17 pm
the tropical sunshine at their beachfront home in the picturesque key lou yeah area of owe roy he, the first time -- oahu, and landmarks that trace his history here on the island, have become tourist hot spots and a source of pride for many natives. the medical center is the hospital where barack obama was born. august 4th, 1961. just blocks from his grandmother's apartment at the circle apartments, and here a young obama moved in with his grandparents in 1971. and residents here paid tribute to the president with pictures showing obama and his family, when they lived here. he went to school here, referred to by obama as an incubator for the island's elite but he has come a long way since his early days in honolulu and the first presidential visit now requires the highest security measures. use they'll residents around here use this canal to access the ocean in their kayaks and
5:18 pm
pleasure boats, and now, the only boats you see around here belong to the secret service. additional roadblocks and closures left residents less than excited. >> the canal, yeah, if you are a paddler or something, go out on the boat it's a pain. >> i think it would have been more considerate of the president's family to have stayed on the military base. like the other presidents have. so he doesn't have to disrupt everyone else's life. >> reporter: most residents we spoke to were happy to see the president coming home to enjoy the holidays and they wished him well. [cheers and applause]. >> happy new year. >> reporter: every time he's on oahu he comes to the island's snow shave ice shop and stopped off with his daughters and friends ordering 19 shave ice in various flavors, including the snow-bama. >>. >> president barack obama: i got the snow-bama. >> reporter: no more shaved ice for him, he heads back to washington tonight on air force one where it is very very, cold
5:19 pm
and he and his family taking the overnight flight an arriving sometime tomorrow morning, jewel j . >> julie: steve centanni, thank you very much. >> kelly: tough duty, huh and the president is not the only one heading back to washington and so are lawmakers. they'll be opening the debate on health care reform as democrats struggle to merge two very different bills, a capitol hill insider gives us the scoop on the big hurdles ahead and one man's epic fight over a traffic ticket. why he is now suing the city for theft and what it could mean for drivers across the country, if he wins.
5:20 pm
5:21 pm
5:22 pm
>> good afternoon. i'm meteorologist domenica davis and the cold air is really locked in over much of the country and made its way down to the south, we're looking at temperatures running roughly 20 tredegrees bw normal and down south their shivering, 58 in my aim and 47 mortar -- miami and 47 fort myers and it will stick around the next couple of days and we have significant record lows, people are waking up to this morning and mainly, out through the plains and international falls -37, the actual air
5:23 pm
temperature and not the real-feel temperature which is even colder than that. and we do that he have wind whipping and that will stick around. really through the evening, and the snow we have been looking at, through the northeast earn part of new england, that is pushing away, finally, and the snow tapers off tonight, by tomorrow morning, we'll see it come to an end and we have about 1-2 feet of snow, dumped in parts of new hampshire and maine and the system is slowing winding down, as will the wind. the winds will start to slacken, from north to south, through the evening, and that will help with the blowing snow we have been seeing, especially the past 48 hours, so, good news there. and lake-effect snow showers, you can see, snow showers, pushing into the tennessee valley and cold sticks around through the majority of next week with temperatures across the country, running below normal. >> julie: remember health care? the big topic in washington
5:24 pm
before the holiday break, and, before the christmas day terror scare. and, when congress returns this week, there will likely be a big push to finally get a bill to the president's desk. but there's a lot of work to be done, still, trying to merge the house bill and the senate bill and the fighting could pit democrats against democrats and joining us is david rucker, writer for "roll call" the publication that covers capitol hill, great to see you. >> good to see you. >> julie: as preparations to reconcile the house bill and senate bill, the preparations are under way and a senate aide says everything happening this week is happening behind the scenes. that raises the question whether democratic leaders convene a full conference committee, or will reid, pelosi and the deputies conduct negotiations among themselves behind closed doors? which is it? >> well, we're not sure yet. no matter what process they go with, there will be a lot of negotiating privately, simply because nobody wants to talk
5:25 pm
about potentials for deal-making in hope to and get zinged for it by their party's base or the opposition. so, either way there will be a lot of closed-door talking. but, there is a question, do they go for a full convened conference committee with conferees from the senate and the house sitting around a big table, or, do they just do this thing at the leadership level which has become sort of par for the course, when you are doing big, major pieces of legislation, i think we'll find out, you know, over the next couple of weeks. you know, as leaders get back from their holiday break, back to washington and start to work on this. >> julie: okay. you know, i want to know what we can expect in terms of likely sticking point, when lawmakers tackle following issues, differences between the chambers and i want to put them on the screen and we've drafted a couple of the biggest deferences between the house and the senate health care bill. the house legislation includes a public insurance option. while the senate package does
5:26 pm
not. public option, how much negotiation? how much wiggle room is there? >> not really any. and that's because there are senate democrats who are moderate to conservative and don't like the public insurance option, harry reid, the senate majority leader put together an impressive but fragile coalition, all democrats, 58 democrats, two independents who caucus with the majority and if you disrupt any of that you don't have passage in the senate and because joe lieberman vowed to filibuster any bill with a public insurance option because such a proposal could cause ben nelson or mary landrieu or other democrats to bail on the deal, i don't think house democrats will get that. >> julie: let's put the senate screen back up to talk about another key issue here. tax expensive insurance plans and limited flexibility for abortion funding. those two are included in the senate bill, the house, the exact opposite. let's start with tax on wealthy
5:27 pm
americans. >> okay, the surtax on wealthy americans, in the house bill, and i believe would be 5.4%, new income tax for individuals earning $500,000 a year or more, families earning a million dollars a year or more i don't think will survive because the senate has no appetite for any kind of income tax increase, however the senate bill has the tax on cadillac insurance plans, very expensive insurance plans, 8,000, i believe if you are an individual and $23,000 worth if you are a family on such a plan, i don't think that will survive because a lot of house democrats don't like that, the unions don't like it and it brings in a small enough amount of money i think they'll find another way to make the revenue whole, and i think will probably not survive. >> julie: the house bill, we want to talk about booshgsz abortions, one of the most contentious issues and the house bill prohibits federal funds to be used to insure abortion procedures and the senate bill allows flexibility and what kind of flexibility are we talking
5:28 pm
about when it comes to merging the bills? >> well, this is a very interesting issue, and that is because you cannot get too stringent and can't really take the house provision that is explicit on the abortion issue and bring it over to the senate, because you have a number of pro-choice democrats who are just not going to stand for that. on the other hand, you may lose house democrats that are very pro-life, bart stupak being one, if you import the senate measure over to the house. however, because you have a senate version that is more moderate than the house version in terms of the overall health care package, nancy pelosi may be able to get some of the blue dogs who voted no for the house bill to vote yes on the final bill, because it is more moderate and i think there is wiggle room there and you may lose votes one place on abortion but gain votes because the overall package, no public insurance option, no income taxes is more moderate than what they voted no on back in the house.
5:29 pm
so, i think that it will be interesting to see what abortion measures survive, but there is nor flexibility in terms of how you total out the votes. >> julie: speaking of moderate i want to go to the spending. the senate's version of the bill, moderate spending is not, you know, a small number but, nonetheless, is $871 billion. and the senate's version must now be merged with the $1.2 trillion health care bill. passed by the house. how much will cost-cutting enter the debates? >> well, both sides have talked about cost-cutting throughout the health care debate and i suspect we'll hear more in january as the conference committee negotiations or whatever form they take, get underway, i would say this: when president barack obama spoke to a special joint session of congress in september, on health care, what he said is he wanted $900 billion over ten years and deficit neutral and i think the senate holds the trump card, the strong card in that their bill is just under $900
5:30 pm
billion and the house bill is more and you'll see a bill that maybe is around 900 if it goes over 871, maybe goes to 950, something like that. but i don't think we'll see something over a trillion, because senators can point to the president and say we're doing what he wanted. >> julie: david drucker great to have you on, should be an interesting debate. >> thank you. >> julie: thank you very much, kelly. >> kelly: in the wake of the attempted christmas day attack on a commercial jetliner, the tsa announcing in just the last hour, brand new rules for screening u.s. bound travellers, a live report in three minute, plus, just imagine, someone you trust watches over your little angels, while you and your spouse enjoy a night on the town, and that baby-sitter does not cost you a dime. hard to believe, right? too good to be true? it's not. stick around. ♪ ♪ take good care of my baby...
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>> okay, everyone, we have a lot to cover this morning. tim should be here any second with the latest budget numbers to -- uhh, take us through the initial... schedule... for production and... >> ouch. >> this is one way to avoid getting the h1n1 flu virus. >> oopsie daisy. >> all right. good morning! let's get this meeting started. >> for some better ways, visit [man sneezes] [groans] [groans]
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>> julie: the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news, the u.s. closing down the embassy in embassy, embassy releasing a statement saying the decision was made in response to ongoing threats from al qaeda. >> kelly: u.s. lawmakers saying the white house should now reconsider sending yemeni gitmo detainees back home due to increased al qaeda activity but the president's top counterterrorism advisor says the transfer will continue if the administration considers them warranted. >> julie: florida police capture the man accused of gunning down four family members on thanksgiving day. a tip called into "america's most wanted" leading police to where he was hiding at a motel in the florida keys. a "fox news alert.".. the transportation security administration issuing new rules for all international flights coming into the u.s., the enhanced guidelines coming in
5:34 pm
the wake of the botched christmas day terror attempt. laura ingle is live in our new york city newsroom with this developing story. >> reporter: julie, the tsa is mandating every individual flying into the united states from anywhere in the world traveling from or through nations that are state sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go through what they are calling enhanced screening and u.s. officials tell fox news that this has been something the tsa has been discussing extensively with their global aviation partner since the detroit incident. and the new guidelines will go into effect midnight tonight and t safe. agents around the country will be briefed on the new guidelines, just before their shift begins, just as they are briefed every day about ongoing security concerns and alerts in a written statement, the t safe. goes on to say, quote, the new directive includes long term sustainable security measures, developed in consultation with law enforcement officials and our domestic and international partners and the directive also increases the use of enhanced
5:35 pm
screening technologies, and mandates threat based and random screening for passengers, on u.s.-bound international flights. aviation security spefrts tell fox news this is a very appropriate step, toward developing solutions to an ever changing threat environment adding these are changes that are long overdue, so, if you are traveling internationally, you will definitely want to make sure you give yourself extra time to get through security, tightened random screenings always means longer waits for many and tomorrow is a big travel day. >> julie: all right, laura ingle, thank you very much, kelly. >> kelly: the new year will bring hundreds of new u.s. troops to afghanistan and new hopes to turn around the eight-year-old war there. the president has ordered 30,000 more troops to the region, but will more troops really mean greater success? or just more violence? and, what are e the challenges troops may not be able to impact? connor powell has been covering the war, and joins us now with a story from kabul.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: according to u.s. analysts, civilian and military expect 2010 to be even more deadly and bloody and violent than 2009, which was already a record-setting year for violence in afghanistan. general mcchrystal said time and time again it's because there are more troops arriving, both international, american and afghan troops and will get worse before it gets better here, but they believe they'll make progress as time goes on, and at the same time there is a massive push to try to build up the afghan government which is viewed by many as the most... and there is a push to build up the afghan security force, police and army over the time, so over the next 18-24 months the afghan government and security forces can take control or responsibility for security in this country, but, in many ways it will be even more difficult to try to build up the government, than it will be to simply hunt down and kill the taliban, kelly?
5:37 pm
>> kelly: connor, thanks for that report. >> julie: federal reserve chairman ben bernanke calling for tougher regulation of the financial sector, to prevent a second economic crisis. he is calling for changes to curb excessive speculation during a speech to the american economic association today. >> all efforts should be made to strengthen our regulatory system to prevent a reoccurrence of the crisis and cushion the effects if another crisis occurs. however, if adequate reforms are not made, or made but prove insufficient to prevent dangerous build-ups to financial risks we must remain open to using monetary policy as a supplementary tool for addressing those risks. >> julie: he also says the lesson learned from the crisis is not that regulation is ineffective but that it, quote, must be better and smarter. kelly. >> kelly: you know, so many parents want to get out more often and have a nice date night minus the kiddies but many times, it is too tough to find a good babysitter or maybe cash is
5:38 pm
tight and there is no extra money to even spend on a certain in the first place -- sitter in the first place and now a new approach to the process is solve both of those problems, casey steegel is live in our los angeles bureau with details about this. casey, you are babysitting now? >> reporter: you know, kelly, i'm not putting my services out there, but, yes, the old adage if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, well, not in this case. back in the good old days, we read about it in the history books and people bought goods and services in this country, through bartering, no money exchanged hands and does it sound outdated to you? believe or it not the same concept being used by parents around the country, to pay for babysitting services, is called a babysitting co-op and parents can earn points by sitting for others in the group, and then later, exchange those points for a night on the town, themselves. >> it is a great gift to your
5:39 pm
kids, to sort of have a system whereby they -- they are introduced to other families and other homes and other cultures and other neighborhoods. and things they wouldn't necessarily get. >> reporter: terry fitzgerald even developed a web site to instruct other parents how to set babysitting co-ops up in their own communities. and of course if safety is a concern, all of the sitters are closely vetted to make sure no criminals slip through. >> i didn't think i would feel so safe about it and really do, i feel like it is like my kids are going to their friends' houses and they are my friends and i know they'll protect my kids. >> reporter: it is great. >> i go to the movies and not have to write the check for $100 for a baby-sitter particularly if the movie is no good, nothing worse than going to the movie, we spent $120 to see that! >> kelly: i love the sound bite, it is so expensive to go to the movies these days. >> reporter: if you don't have little one running around it
5:40 pm
could affect you, their offering services like house sitters and pet sitters and transportation on a co on basis, all you have to do is jump on-line and do a google search, to see if there are any of these co-op service being offered in your neck of the woods and, kelly i think you should volunteer and babysit, doesn't it sound like a cool plan. >> kelly: i've served my time but i'm more than willing to help out. okay, thanks. >> julie: you have probably seen them and may have even been caught by one. we're talking about red light cameras, but, are they actually legal? a legal fight that could affect drivers across the country. next.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
ksh kshgs. >> kelly: they are called the robo cops of law enforcement, red light cameras, that work to
5:43 pm
allegedly catch drivers breaking the law. >> julie: and are red light cameras against the law? a driver in florida says so and got a ticket for running a light and he's now suing the city for, get this: theft. he is arguing that photo ticketing conflicts with state law because it forces vehicle owners to prove themselves innocent instead of law having to prove them guilty and there is' code that says traffic tickets can only be issued by police officers that witness the crime and that is true with many states, and weighing in is our legal panel, mercedes colwin and former prosecutor and defense attorney, joey jackson. all right, mercedes, state code has a provision mandating traffic tickets be issued only if a police officer witnessed the crime. >> right. >> julie: these cancer don't have little police officers installed inside them. >> you are right. >> julie: i'm no cop but that is the case. >> we have great statistics that trumps everything, here's some of the statistics and that is
5:44 pm
what the prosecutor will say, you know, there is a huge public interest, 6,500,000 auto accidents, 2.9 million people injured, 42 percent people died and there is one death by a motor vehicle every 13 minutes. that is why it's compelling and when you have the overriding public interest the prosecutor says, forget the individual rights, we'll subordinate this and need to protect society. >> forget the law well, have statistics, julie, who needs the law! come on! >> my friend... >> statistics! >> kelly: the reality is without question... >> mercedes says it is a public policy argument and we have to be careful and mind of people's safety but we also have little things, julie and kelly, called the law, go figure and this reality is, there are three issues and he has a great case and at the end of the day they'll be victorious and they were in ohio and minnesota for the following three reasons. one, it is about uniformity and municipalities cannot adopt laws
5:45 pm
because they want to and the person operating a car, does do they have the right to know regardless of the municipality the law will be consistent and number 2, the reality is that the law says an en fraction must be issued by -- infraction must be issued by an officer and julie, there is no little cop in the camera! and the last part of it is, number 3, and that is, at the end of the day, the presumption of innocence sticks with you, when you are in any type of legal entanglement you are innocent until proven guilty and when you get these things in the mail, mercedes, you are guilty, prove yourself innocent. >> kelly: to your point the former attorney general, now governor, charlie crist agrees with you and says the same thing but having said that there is a problem with red lights and people crossing them and there has to be a way to enforce it. mercedes. >> the only way to do is it to have the robo cops and there are only 30,000 cops in certain states, certain cities, 30,000 cops, that is not enough to
5:46 pm
police everyone, and that is 30,000 cops here in the state of new york and there are 8 million people and how can you find every person that crosses the red light and poses a danger to the public, that is why it's compelling they stay in enforcement. >> julie: let's talk about people who are drunk and running red lights because they run red lights. >> without question and i'll represent quite a few of them. >> julie: and hit-and-run. >> no question. >> julie: and if the cameras were not in place an dunk drivers are out there and hate pedestrian and speed off the cameras can catch these criminals, from doing it again, because they will catch the license plates and without the cameras -- >> julie, kelly, i have to tell you, i'm 100% for public safety and security and i think the statistics that mercedes reads off, i mean, are compelling. but at the end of the day when we do things we have to do them in accordance with the law and in the event you want it passed you have to go to the legislature and say change the law and have the law suggest that it will not be -- only and
5:47 pm
in fraction if -- in the event when not only a police officer sees you but when you are seen by the red light camera but you have to do it in conformity and compliance with the law. >> it will not happen unless you make it a priority to do the public safety and the bottom line is put practicality in use and you will not have a cop at every corner and catch them and i think the point is excellent, because without those cameras lots of folks would be walking and that is something the legislature will not... >> that is a separate question and let's be clear, the law says you can have these cameras, and these cameras can have evidentiary value and in the event you are concerned about a hit-and-run, drunk driver and somebody getting away you can install cameras anywhere you want, and that is what charlie crist said, but they said that you cannot have the camera serve as a basis for issuing a citation and if you want to have cameras to make sure there is not death and no fatalities and everything else, have them but don't have them take the place
5:48 pm
of issuing citations, this is not at all about safety, and with the -- >> wait a minute it. >> it is about money and they want revenue. it is a revenue -- >> how can you say that. the two hour show, julie and kelly's show, 8 people died and how can you possibly say that. >> i certainly hope they haven't. >> kelly: time out. in fairness to the gentleman filing the suit, his case is i'm an innocent guy, you know, i want to charge the state because they are taking money out of my pocket. >> that is what he said -- >> that us out -- is outrageous. >> and it is about revenue-raising and who agrees? the speaker in florida, of the legislature and the senate president agrees the bills, to change it would be dead on arrival and it -- >> no judge looking at this, you are right, mr. plaintiff, it is theft because you have the ticket.
5:49 pm
come on. >> i hope no one dies while we are speaking. >> julie: and the toll and forget this pay the toll and get the bill in the mail i'll hire you! >> i have one of those tickets, too. >> kelly: thank you very much. >> julie: thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> julie: did you, you know, notice the few pounds snuck up on you over the holidays? some inexpensive ways to fight back against the holiday calories and the tips to help you really stick to your fitness vows. this time around. really stick to them! ok. oomph. i'm a mommy. i love kids! i'm responsible, loving, nurturing. ahhh! yea whooo! no no no no no! don't touch that. [squeak squeak] stop, stop! ahhhhh! whoa! being a parent's a lot of work. where's mommy? here i am! sid: [laugh] ha ha, no, stop, stop.
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
>> julie: we're not calling anyone fat here... i mean, nor myself and this is the time of year people thing of losing the few extra pounds they may have packed on during the holidays and i think the averages 7 pounds for the afternoon person. >> kelly: just had a discussion about this at home and that's time of year when you want to get out there and gyms are packed at this time of year with good intentions but as the months go by what often slims down are the crowds at the gym and how can we stick to the program and drop a few pound and do you really need a fancy gym to get it all done and with us now is author of "women's homeworkout bible" and a certified personal trainer, brad
5:53 pm
schonfeld. >> julie: thanks for coming in, i am fat, but i'm pregnant. so i have an excuse, but, seriously, i have been told the average weight gain through the holidays is 7 pounds and every year, people set these resolutions and never stick to them and maybe you can tell us what we can really do so we stick to our new year's resolution and shed the weight for gooded . >> the first thing, before doing anything and setting foot in the gym or home gym is to set a plan, specifically, setting goals. if you don't set goals, don't have a focus as to what you want to do you will fail and plan to fail. so what i always tell people is weight loss in is goal and you want to lose 30 pounds you will not do it overnight and break it into smaller, short-term goals of 6 pounds a month. >> julie: 6 pounds a month. okay. >> kelly: we can do that. >> julie: you can do it at home and don't have to join a gym. >> absolutely, you can see terrific improvements with just a minimal investment in basic strength, health and weight
5:54 pm
loss, with less than $100 and for more you can get a health club quality workout for body sculpting for a little more. >> kelly: what do i have here. >> julie: weight training in the best way to burn fat. >> and the fallacy, people who gravitate towards cardiovascular exercise strength training increases your resting metabolism and also has what is called the after burn by strength training and you burn calories far after the activities are over and cardio is basically just during the activity. >> julie: how can kill burn calories now while he's interviewing you. >> this is a great utensil, and is actually a nested dumb bell and by turning this, it is ten dumb bells in one and you can increase or decrease the weight from up to 2.5 to 25 pounds by turning it and taking this off. >> julie: that makes a difference, and it got heavier. okay, and that burns the an
5:55 pm
aerobically. >> and it will actually increase your metabolism after the exercise is over. up to 38 hours. most workout. >> julie: you are laying in bed after the workout and still burning calories. that is my favorite! i love to burn calories by sitting and doing nothing! >> kelly: what about julie. >> julie: i have something i can do now. >> a resistance band is a versatile home gym, and $50 gets you five different intensity levels of resistance and you can do -- can we avoid the profile shots for god's sake? >> kelly: you look great. >> julie: all right. >> and dumb bell curls and here and slowly curl it up and feel that in your biceps and it could do dozens and dozens of exercises, less than $50 and the beauty of this is you can pack it away in your suitcase, if you are traveling and goes with you. >> kelly: and quickly ankle weights. >> this you can do a lot of different leg exercises with -- especially good for females,
5:56 pm
doing thigh movements and outer thighs. >> julie: thigh movement, tell me about those. >> it adds resistance and the idea if you want to get results, you have to push your body to a point of fatigue and you are challenging your muscles. if you can do a million, let's say side leg lifts you will not get anything by using the leg weight you can challenge your muscles beyond where they -- >> strap it on your leg? because these are things i can actually do while i'm protect. >> kelly: yes. and your ankles. >> julie: ankles, oh, okay, never mind. >> kelly: do you want me to do it for you. >> julie: i've got it. >> kelly: while he does that, we have to get to, as fit as you are, julie looks great. >> julie: yeah! thanks. >> kelly: maintaining great weight. >> correct. that will get you -- >> i have to get one of these. great. >> kelly: come back every day. >> i'm here any time you need me. >> julie: i like that k brad schonfeld. >> the women's homeworkout
5:57 pm
bible. >> julie: pregnant women, too. >> and my next book is on pregnant women. >> coming up at the top of the hour, mike wallace's full interview with the white house's top advisor and counterterrorism, what is behind today's closure of the u.s. embassy, in -- mike wallace -- i mean chris wallace and how the white house plans to handle the growing threat there. we'll be right back. 0@@@@@@@0@@@
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> kelly: the final height of the bir ge dubai in the united arab emirates has been a closely guarded secret and estimates say it will top out at 2,684 feet, wow, just over half a mile into the sky, and it easily beats out the previous record-holder, taiwan's taipei 101 and would be more than a thousand feet taller than the empire state building which held the record for so

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